Personalized Shopping on a Whole New Level



Provide a personalized experience across your customer’s journey

Automatically create a unique online shopping experience for each customer from first touch to last -- performance marketing, homepage, product, cart, post purchase, and continued marketing with emails and ads.


Advanced as you need it to be

Personalize just about anything from images, text, videos, products, CTAs and more across your website and emails.


Assist your customers in discovering the right products at the right time

LimeSpot understands your customer intent and purchasing behavior by tracking their journey across different digital touchpoints.




Industry leading Product Recommendations



Effective from day 1

Combining your product catalog with our fully automated and always learning AI algorithms, we are able to provide valuable cross-selling, upselling  and customized recommendations the first day you add LimeSpot.


You are in control 

LimeSpot Personalizer is the most advanced product recommendation app giving you full control to completely customize how, when and what recommendations show. Add, remove, weight, prioritize and even manually curate content, giving you as much or as little control as you'd like.


Always optimizing

Learning from every interaction, LimeSpot continuously adjusts to hone recommendations for your site and incorporates catalog updates, and changes in your products, collections and inventory status.



Ranked #1 in Global eCommerce Personalization Technology


Average Revenue boost


Average Order Size Increase


Conversion Improvement
Based on 10,000+ stores

Segmented Experiences



Real-time audience segmentation

We made segmentation easy using templates or  select from your own site data to create custom targeted segments.


Personalize every element of your website for a truly targeted customer journey

Personalize content sections and easily create curated collections based on customer behavior, intent, and preferences, including: images, text, CTAs, HTML and rich content.




Personalized Email



Personalized email content

Increase return purchases and visits through individualized product recommendations and email content. Show relevant products unique to each customer through your marketing emails. 


Seamless support for all major email service providers

Populate marketing emails with personalized and dynamic content for both desktop and mobile experiences




Google Shopping Optimization



Supercharge your store performance with shopping ads

Integrate your store directly with Google Shopping through LimeSpot to reach more ready to buy customers.


Automated optimizations

Automated catalog updates ensure out-of-stock, product updates, and newly added products are automatically updated in your Ads for a truly optimized experience. 


Add AI to your ads

By improving the information passed to Google through data enrichment, LimeSpot Ads can 10x your discoverability and performance.



“I will happily sing LimeSpot’s praises. If you’re interested in creating a more tailored experience for your customer base and allowing them to shop your site more easily, you should absolutely consider adding LimeSpot.”


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