Our Mission is to Transform the Consumer Buying Experience

Democratizing eCommerce

LimeSpot was created with the realization that the explosion of eCommerce globally, would create challenges for retailers to rise above the noise and opportunities for retailers to meet customers beyond their site.

Our goal is to transform the consumer buying experience, by empowering retailers of all sizes to provide personalized experiences for each shopper in real-time.

The result is LimeSpot's industry-leading eCommerce conversion platform.


Making a difference for consumers and retailers.

Sanaz, Machine Learning Engineer

“At LimeSpot I am able to apply creativity and industry-leading algorithms to solve real-world problems.”

We have created one of the world’s leading AI-merchandising platforms and are excited about empowering the online retailers to deliver a personalized experience for each individual shopper in real-time.


"Easy going, friendly and smart coworkers that have the same goal and vision to make amazing products."

Diversity of people and ideas

We believe bringing people of different cultures and backgrounds together is a strategic advantage that drives higher quality outcomes.

We have offices in Vancouver, San Francisco, Berlin and the Philippines, and remote workers on 3 continents.


Join our team and change the way we shop and sell

  • Innovate Freely

    Just because something hasn't been done doesn't mean it can’t be. At LimeSpot we innovate every day!

  • Have fun

    Yes, we're professionals who love a good challenge, but we also love to have fun while doing it.

  • Succeed together

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We are a passionate group focused on a common goal: building AI-powered eCommerce solutions that delight customers and drive retailer success. 

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