Find out what's working with unlimited A/B/n tests

Go beyond a basic split test and set up infinite variables, with detailed analytics and results for every test. Change box placement, box type, with / without LimeSpot, and even swap out content or HTML blocks.

Personalize your shopping experience well beyond the cart

LimeSpot has advanced personalization tools. Customize any content or HTML block on your site by customer segment with our Segmented Experiences module to shorten the time to value and drive more sales.

Extend personalization to acquisition and retention

With both native and third-party email personalization, we give you complete flexibility to insert recommendations or custom content by segment across all promotional and transactional emails. You can also use LimeSpot to create custom landing pages by referral source and to enrich your Google Shopping ads.

Over 1,500 reviews on Shopify

Increase sales by improving the product discovery experience

Create great buying experiences by using our intelligent algorithms to provide accurate personalization on a 1:1 basis with zero warmup time.

Achieve the highest conversion increases in the industry by leveraging over 100 billion signals, the largest independent ecommerce data set on the market.

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Drive higher AOV with AI-generated or manually curated product bundles

Create one-click bundles of products that are frequently bought together or work best as a set (e.g. ‘Complete the Look‘).

Let customers tailor their bundle options without navigating to individual product pages and add all products to their cart with a single click.

Further drive conversions by offering a discount on buying all items in a bundle together.

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Create fully customized, targeted customer experiences to reduce bounce rates, increase sales, and delight customers.

LimeSpot’s Segmented Experiences module lets you design a unique full-site experience per customer segment.

Tailor images, collections, copy, CTAs, and any other HTML-based component to pique customer interest from the moment they land on your site.

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Design collections that match shopper demographics, behaviors, and targeted goals

Put the right collections in front of each segment using curated collections under LimeSpot’s Segmented Experiences module.

Set custom sort order criteria per collection to showcase the most relevant products right up front to the audiences that are most likely to buy them.

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Boost conversion rates and AOV by placing recommendations anywhere on your site

Drive higher average order values with upsells and cross-sells, which come standard with LimeSpot’s Personalizer module.

Add recommendations to the home page, product pages, at checkout, post-purchase, or anywhere you can imagine on your site.

Native pop-ups in development; currently supports pop-up integrations.

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Increase the performance of your email outreach with personalized product recommendations and dynamic content

Easily incorporate recommendations into inspirational, promotional, and transactional emails including new collections, customer reactivation, abandoned cart, and more. Email recommendations come standard with LimeSpot’s Personalizer module under the Premium plan.

Integrate any type of content, including images, CTAs, HTML and more to design segment-specific emails that perform using LimeSpot’s Segmented Experiences module.

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Perfect your personalization approach through actionable insights and sophisticated optimization tools

Experiment with multiple concurrent scenarios using different placements, content, or recommendation types to create unique customer journeys.

Identify which experiences perform best and obtain insights on customer buying behavior by segment.

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"I will happily sing LimeSpot’s praises. If you’re interested in creating a more tailored experience for your customer base and allowing them to shop your site more easily, you should absolutely consider adding LimeSpot."

Charles Combs,

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LimeSpot?

LimeSpot is the market leader in ecommerce personalization, trusted by thousands of leading ecommerce brands worldwide. We create highly targeted customer experiences that delight shoppers and drive merchant profitability.

Our product suite consists of two core modules. Personalizer delivers 1:1 personalized recommendations, including upsells, cross-sells, and bundles, that can be placed anywhere on your site or in email.

Our second core module is Segmented Experiences, which allows you to divide customers by segment based on any criteria you set (including funnel stage, behavior, geography, or referral source) and serve them a unique shopping experience by tailoring any HTML block (including images, text, CTAs, navigation, and more) on your site or in email.

Clients can adopt both modules or just one.

How does LimeSpot's recommendations technology differ from others?

We use our data to predict the target audience by both demographics and interest for each product - for example, a hot pink sneaker is probably suitable for younger women interested in tennis, yoga, and running. Our technology then generates inferred personas for each individual user based on their online behaviors, which is fed into our global market insights, giving us further data points into what type of person buys what product, at what price point, in what location, allowing us to serve up the most appropriate products in real time.

We require zero warmup time and do not use any third-party data sets. Instead, we use the largest independent ecommerce data set on the market to fine tune your recommendations to show customers the right product, at the right time.

Other platforms, like Rebuy, typically tap into a much narrower data set, for example, based on the bestsellers over the past 90 days or by only looking at how 'people who bought this also bought that'.

Does LimeSpot offer a money-back guarantee like Rebuy?

Participants in LimeSpot's 21-Day Challenge are guaranteed a 2-5x conversion improvement with our product. During this free trial period, we will set up, optimize, and monitor your product recommendations performance. While it's not a money-back guarantee, participants in the challenge are under no obligation to carry on with LimeSpot, nor are they charged anything for participating.

Can you add LimeSpot recommendation boxes to any page on your site?

Yes, unlike Rebuy, we offer the ability to place our recommendation boxes anywhere on your site, including 404 pages, search pages, content pages, and any outside landing pages.

Is it possible to adjust LimeSpot's attribution window?

Yes, definitely. Our default attribution window is 7 days because we don’t bill based on the percentage of sales driven by LimeSpot. However, we can adjust the attribution window to whatever your team desires – including down to hours or minutes.

Does LimeSpot integrate with my email provider?

Yes, LimeSpot integrates with many of the top ESPs favored by ecommerce brands. Our 1:1 personalized recommendations can be inserted into any email, including transactional messages like order confirmations. In addition, our Segmented Experiences module can be extended to email, allowing you to customize any HTML block with custom text, imagery, or CTAs by segment.

How can LimeSpot help with my acquisition strategy?

Our LimeSpot Shopping Ads for Google product enriches your Google Shopping Ads feed to increase ROAS, improve organic visibility, and eliminate the overhead of publishing and maintaining product feeds. This means more eyes on your products in Google searches, and ideally, more clicks to your site. The base fees for our Google Shopping Ads product are included in either of our core modules; we simply take a nominal percentage of ad spend as commission.

Does LimeSpot provide pop-ups?

Native pop-ups are on our product roadmap. In the meantime, LimeSpot easily integrates with the pop-up provider of your choice, allowing us to seamlessly provide 1:1 recommendations with your existing triggers.

Does LimeSpot offer dedicated customer support?

Yes, all clients that sign a Premium contract with LimeSpot are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Your Customer Success Manager oversees onboarding, support, as well as ongoing optimization and customization.

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