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Brittany Feb 9, 2022 3 min read

21 days to 20x ROI with LimeSpot

It goes without saying that not every technology is going to work for every ecommerce business. Even at LimeSpot, we know our patented AI-based recommendations work best for businesses that have at least 50 products and well...that's really about it when it comes down to criteria. LimeSpot is used by thousands of businesses across every sector, at every size. 

We're confident enough in our core product that we actually offer a 20x ROI guarantee in 21 days or less and the results speak for themselves.

We've run our 21-day challenge with a range of businesses, and the average ROI was a whopping 67x, while the overall site conversion rate increase average was an impressive 13%. Just imagine what an extra 13% in revenue could do for your store, and you'll get why we so firmly believe in the power of personalization. 


Today we wanted to give you a quick tour of some of our 21-day challengers, how they used LimeSpot, and the results they saw. We hope you leave feeling inspired - and ready to take our 21-day Challenge for yourself.

Williams Food Equipment

When you've got 10,000+ products on your site, setting up a thoughtfully organized shopping experience is essential. Williams Food Equipment is Canada's largest online kitchen store, with over 50 years of business behind them. Their massive product catalog touches virtually every element of the kitchen, from helpful chef's gadgets and bakeware through to commercial kitchen equipment and appliances. The goal then, was simple: Remove the burden of choice by showing shoppers popular items, bestsellers, and featured products for whatever collection they're interested in

Over the course of their challenge with LimeSpot, Williams Foods nearly doubled their click rate, and saw an overall site conversion rate increase of 13.2%, reflecting 233x ROI on their LimeSpot investment. Williams Foods is not only implementing product recommendations, they're looking at unique use cases (selling matching sets by color) and exploring the personalization possibilities of segmentation. 


Pakistan's ELO (standing for 'Export Leftovers') is committed to sustainability and affordability by selling items made from recycled or surplus materials. With a huge range of products across all ages and genders, having product recommendations is critical to framing the customer experience by what a shopper is specifically interested in.

ELO uses product recommendations on their home page, collection pages, cart, search, order status, blog, and 404 pages. The results? They speak for themselves: During their challenge, ELO realized a 37x ROI on LimeSpot, and saw a nearly doubled conversion rate on LimeSpot-driven product recommendations. 

Anthony's Ladies Apparel

Picture a before and after for Florida-based women's apparel retailer, Anthony's. They're now using LimeSpot to power Frequently Bought Together, Related Items, and Recently Viewed boxes on their product pages, giving shoppers multiple ways to expand their browsing.

By adding stacked recommendation boxes to their PDPs and other places, Anthony's saw an overall site conversion rate increase of 14.1%, and 55x ROI on their LimeSpot investment. 

FR Depot

What would you do with an extra 5% in revenue per year? During their 21-Day Challenge, FR Depot saw their conversion rate increase by 4.78% on products featured in LimeSpot recommendation boxes. With an overall site conversion rate boost of 13.3%, FR Depot had a 49x ROI and signed on with LimeSpot to continue their personalization journey. 

Ancient Faith

Ancient Faith transformed their entire shopping experience when they integrated LimeSpot's product recommendation boxes. So much so, the religious publisher and retailer boosted their conversion rate by 5% on LimeSpot-recommended products and captured 40x ROI.

One of the prime use cases for Ancient Faith was adding 'Popular' boxes to their collection pages. With a huge range of products to choose from, these boxes give casual shoppers an easy first click to discover what's resonating with other readers or buyers, with an impressive 13% conversion rate. 

Ready to take the challenge?

If you want to boost results and revenue on your site, give LimeSpot a try for free. We have limited seats available for 21-Day Challenge for brands with at least $1M in revenue and a minimum of 50 products on their site. Take us on and see the results for yourself. 





Brittany is LimeSpot's Enterprise Marketing Manager who loves all things ecommerce, optimization, and writing - making her the perfect guru to walk you through even better ways to use LimeSpot's personalization suite.