Pure Heart Studios

Beautiful ecommerce websites that work well

About Pure Heart Studios

Pure Heart Studios is proud to offer custom website design service to our clients. Our strong background in graphic design prevents us from creating ugly websites. We simply can’t bring ourselves to do it. Our websites are custom-designed, responsive & mobile-friendly, and strategically designed based on your target audience. Our goal is to create a good, solid user interface that will look fresh for years without a redesign.

We like our websites to be pretty. But we also like them to function well. Using standards-based CSS & HTML markup, we can construct your site to be read well by search engines, load quickly, and look good on almost every computer and browser. When advanced programming is required, we seek help from our network of “techies,” which spans several coding languages, to ensure you receive the best work for the best price.

Platforms: Shopify

Expertise: ecommerce solutions, store migration services, custom integrations design & development, technology roadmap creation, user experience design, visual & user interface design, brand development & design, email marketing

Location: North America