LimeSpot Partner Program Guide

Updated July 6, 2021




Welcome and thank you for your interest in partnering with LimeSpot!

LimeSpot gives online brands and retailers the power to create personalized shopping experiences that delight customers, increase overall store performance and while reducing the merchandising burden on ecommerce and marketing teams.

The LimeSpot Partner Program is specifically designed for agencies and freelancers who seek to grow their business while helping their clients achieve their goals with the use of our products.

The following document outlines the requirements and benefits of our Partner Program. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out via email at

Program requirements

Application process and approval

To be approved as a LimeSpot partner, we ask that you fill out our partner application. We use the information you submit to learn about your business and helps us assess whether we are a good fit for one another.

Once your application has been approved, you will be invited to our Partner Portal where you will have access to resources and submit leads. You will also be contacted by a LimeSpot Partner manager who will schedule an initial onboarding call to ensure you are set up for success.

Partner tiers

Our partners are divided into tiers, and each tier comes with its specific requirements and benefits.

Lime is the designation of a partner who has generated less than USD $5,000 in net new referrals in the 12 months.

Gold is the designation of a partner who has generated more than USD $5,000 in net new referrals in the 12 months.


Grow your business

Program benefits

Regardless of your partner tier, you will have access to the following benefits as long as you remain an active partner. Additional Gold Partner specific benefits are listed further down.


Lime tier partners receive a 15% commission on Eligible Referrals for a period of 12 months.

Gold tier partners receive a 15% commission on Eligible Referrals for a period of 24 months.

LimeSpot Partner Portal

The Partner Portal is a private online site where you can submit and view submitted leads, view rewards and payouts, access marketing collateral, as well as general and partner specific news.

Sales Lead Registration and Support

Easily register leads via our partner portal. Our partnership and sales teams are highly responsive and will work with you to create informative discovery and engaging purchasing experiences for clients of yours that require specific functionality only available through our Premium Plan and/or have annualized GMV greater than $1M.

Unique Affiliate Link

Your unique affiliate link is meant to be shared with online retailers who exclusively need the 1:1 product recommendations solution offered by in our Growth Plan. If a store uses your unique link to sign up for a LimeSpot trial and converts to a paid account within 30 days, their subscription will be automatically attributed to you as a net new referral.

Marketing Collateral

Through the partner portal, you will have access sales and marketing materials to give you the opportunity to learn and talk about the pain points our solutions are meant to relieve and the opportunities they create for online retailers.

LimeSpot Best Practices

Partners have access to best practices documentation for installing, configuring and maximizing the benefit of the LimeSpot’s products, including ideas guides, implementation tips and code snippets.


Gold Partner Benefits

In addition to the benefits highlighted above, Gold Partners are entitled to the following benefits.

LimeSpot Partner Directory

Our Partner Directory is a publicly accessible section on where LimeSpot’s customers and the general public can look for and find agencies and freelancers to help them with their online stores. Gold Partners are given the opportunity to have their own unique partner page and listing in the Partner directory.

Co-marketing activities

Co-marketing activities leverage our complementary strengths to educate online retailers and promote our respective offerings to existing and prospective customers. These activities, such as case studies, online and in-person events, blog posts, guides and ebooks, and social media campaigns, are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Dedicated Partner Management

LimeSpot provides Gold Partners with a dedicated Partner Manager whose goal is to support partners and their clients to be successful with LimeSpot’s solutions, from facilitating access to information, tools and resources, or navigating leads submissions and creating high-touch sales experiences.

Support and Dedicated Customer Success

All customers and partners have access to our support team 24/7 via chat and email. Customers who have purchased the Premium package are also provided with a LimeSpot dedicated customer service manager to facilitate the onboarding, provide product expertise, ongoing support and share best practices aligned with business goals.

Beta Access

Gold Partners can get first look at upcoming product enhancements, new features, and innovative ways to leverage our products for their clients. At times, LimeSpot may choose to provide select Gold Partners with an opportunity to test new products and features and participate in beta programs for such features.

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