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Messaging Personalization

Populate emails and SMS text messages with personalized product recommendations and dynamic content using LimeSpot

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Boost Sales by Personalizing Marketing Emails

  • Deliver personalized campaigns and newsletters
  • Send individualized content to drive customers back to your site
  • Measure campaign and recommendation effectiveness

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Personalized emails for ecommerce


  • Send individualized email recommendations and content to drive existing customers back to your site
  • Upsell and Cross-sell on transactional emails like order confirmation emails and post-purchase emails
  • Ready-made email templates based on your site look and feel that insert into any email provider

SMS messaging with personalized product recommendations

  • Insert a personalized product recommendation in your SMS outreach to increase clicks and purchases
  • LimeSpot AI selects the best product to recommend for each individual customer
  • Quick and easy setup with multiple SMS messaging platforms



LimeSpot Personalizer for Shopify


LimeSpot Personalizer for BigCommerce


Leverage our Idea Guide

Email Personalization

Insert LimeSpot recommendation boxes on any type of email, including transactional emails and leverage your audience segments to send tailored emails to different sections of your customer base, based on their browsing, buying behavior, source, and more.




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Learn how LimeSpot can personalize your ecommerce experiences for each individual customer