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How LimeSpot Helped Spongellé Personalize the Entire Customer Journey

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The Client 

Established in 2008, Spongellé is a leader in eco-friendly personal care productsUsing the highest quality ingredients made in the USA and advanced technology, their focus is to create a luxurious bath experience for the body and soul. With their dedication to customer experience, they needed a personalization platform to help them with this process. 

The Challenge 

With multiple brands and categories, Spongellé needed a personalization platform to guide discovery across the entire customer journey. They needed to show the right products to customers at the right time. The company also required that this personalization platform match their store theme and branding to ensure original customer experiences.

The Solution 

Given LimeSpot's native look and feel, Spongellé was able to quickly and easily add personalization throughout the site. Spongellé placed popular items on the home page, frequently bought together on products pages, and most popular from individual collections on collection pages. From the first touch point and all the way to the cart page, LimeSpot recommended products that catered to the customer shopping experience.  Spongellé achieved 3x increase in conversions, 21% increase in AOV, driving 57% of their revenue through personalization.

"Since installing LimeSpot, our sales have skyrocketed and AOV has increased significantly. Adding the recommendation boxes combined with the powerful AI has delivered significant revenue boosts for our brand."


revenue via personalization

Spongelle Results

"Having the Most Popular items listed on the home page based on actual sales has given a strong lift to our best sellers while also highlighting new products as they launch and become more popular.

Conversions on products featured using LimeSpot have consistently been higher than other products listed on the site and I look forward to seeing how else we can leverage the platform to continue to boost sales the rest of 2020 and beyond."
Eric Binder, COO at Spongellé

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