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LimeSpot Videos

Personalize your ecommerce experience
Easy Cart Upsells

Boost AOV by adding upsells and cross-sells to the cart. Watch how LimeSpot client Beekman 1802 is driving higher cart values by serving up a special offer in their AJAX cart and on the cart page.

5 Second Hack

Discover how LimeSpot client The Citizenry is using a small, subtle edit to their recommendations boxes to drive more interest and more sales.

Better Recommendation Placement

Better box placement equals better results for your LimeSpot recommendations boxes. In this brief video we break down how LimeSpot client böhme is maximizing their box placement to create a highly relevant shopping experience that requires less scrolling to drive more revenue for your business.

Upsell at Checkout

Discover how LimeSpot merchant Wine Chateau offers upsells in the cart and at checkout to drive more dollars through every transaction.

Speed Up Buying for Returning Customers

Discover how A/B/n testing led LimeSpot client Rollie Nation to an unexpected conclusion: Placing 'Recently Viewed' boxes at the top of the page for returning visitors drives more revenue.

Cross-selling in Multiple Spots

We walk through a simple example of adding multiple cross-sells across a single user journey with LimeSpot client Mr. Poolman in this short video.

Sell More Matching Items

If your ecommerce store specializes in selling matching sets - from jewelry and winter accessories to towels and cookware - you have you watch this video. Watch how LimeSpot client ezpz has optimized their recommendations to present color-coded sets that drive both inspiration and sales.

Tailor Your Site for Customer Segments

See how LimeSpot client Craftshack shortened their time to value (and the time to checkout) by segmenting their customers and tailoring their site experience from the moment they arrive. 

Curated Collections for Browsing

See how to use your customers' buying or browsing behavior to segment them and serve up specifically curated collections that put the products they're more likely to buy toward the top of any collection page you want. We show you how to with LimeSpot client Wine Chateau.

Boost AOV with One-click Bundles

Bundles are an amazing way to boost average order value (AOV) by presenting items that work best when purchased together. In this short video we show you an example of LimeSpot bundles in action on Bicycle Warehouse's site, including the ability to change options in your bundle and remove items.

Unique Recommendation Box Designs

With LimeSpot's recommendation boxes you're hardly limited to the default look and feel. Check out several examples of our recommendation boxes that have been styled in unique or memorable ways and get inspired for your own site.

Unexpected Recommendation Placements

We're all used to seeing recommendation boxes on the home page, product pages, and collection pages. But LimeSpot boxes can go anywhere - including the account center, as we show you in this short video featuring Health Central USA and The Citizenry.

Social Proof Strategy

Social proof is a proven way to drive more conversions for your business. Watch how two LimeSpot clients have used social proof to boost conversion rates during the discovery phase.

Grid-style Recommendations

Most people know recommendation boxes can be formatted as carousels or bundles, but did you know we also offer grids? Find out why we love the grid format and where to put it.

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