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Shopify Product Recommendations

Shopping experiences that convert

Drive 20-30% more revenue to your Shopify store using customizable AI-driven product recommendations to upsell and cross-sell shoppers.

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Over 1,500 5-star reviews on Shopify

Product Recommendations Smart Product Recommendations Recommend products that will convert using AI or custom rules you set.
rec-icon-product Cross-Sell Products Present additional related products based on a shoppers current selection.
rec-icon-orderstatus Upsell Products Upsell your shoppers while they are browsing, in the cart, and post-purchase on the Thank You page.
rec-icon-cart Bundle Products Bundle products together to increase your cart AOV.

Personalized Recommendations on Shopify

Easy to get started and works on day 1

Product Recommendations

Place product recommendations anywhere on your site to drive product discovery and revenue through shopper preferences, browsing behavior, localized trends, and other factors using our  advanced AI-  or define your own rules for complete customization.
Personalized Recommendations

Upsell in the Cart

Present your shoppers with the most relevant related items in their cart or bundle products to increase your cart size.

Shopify Cart Upsell

Abandoned & Post-sale

Use personalized recommendations in exit pops, abandoned cart, and post-purchase emails to recapture shoppers and bring back existing customers.
Beekman1802 Beauty Cosmetics

Beekman 1802

Powerful analytics

See how much additional revenue your recommendation boxes are driving and use them for A/B testing and optimizations.
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LimeSpot Personalizer Pricing

Choose from a plan that fits your business needs


Unlimited Traffic & Orders
Product Recommendations, Upsell, Cross-sell & Bundle
Cart & Post-Purchase
From $18 a month based on your store's monthly revenue

Pay As You Grow

Essentials plus:
Email Personalization
A/B Testing & Analytics
Review, Loyalty & Email Apps Integration
Products & Customers Analytics

From $15 a month - pay 2% of the revenue driven by LimeSpot placements after the first $750


All features plus:
Realtime Audience Segmentation
Image & HTML Personalization
Dynamic Curated Collections
Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Full product suite with customized pricing

  • Intelligent Product Recommendations
  • Upsell, Cross-sell & Bundle Products
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Content Personalization
  • Dynamic Curated Collections
  • Multivariate and A/B Split Testing
  • Email Personalization
  • Personalized Custom Storefronts (Headless Commerce)

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