LimeSpot Shopping Ads for Google

More impressions, higher ROAS, better rankings - with less effort

Meet LimeSpot Ads, your powerful automation, enrichment and targeting partner for reaching customers on Google


"We were skeptical at how easy LimeSpot made it sound for us to turn on Google Shopping Ads, but it really was that simple! When you see the conversion rates it’s a no-brainer to put more money through it."


In-Season ROAS via ad optimization through LimeSpot Shopping Ads
Measure Shopping Ads ROI

Boost your ROI by Adding AI to your Advertising Strategy


Increase your campaigns performance using site behavior.
Target customer segments in real-time based on customer journey.
Maximize ad impact with 1:1 personalization on landing pages.



Enriched Advertising Data

Enriched listings = better performance (10x)

By improving what data gets passed to Google, LimeSpot Ads can 10x your discoverability and performance

Additional product attributes such as gender, descriptions, product details mean richer listings for searches.
Product targeting of 'who buys this' type targeting data from website.
Behavioral data and audience segments from your site means better targeting.
Automated Google Shopping Ads

Automate and Optimize



Pre-validation ensures Google acceptance of listing.
Continuous catalog synch makes it simple to keep product listings current and complete.
Campaign templates reduce time and effort required.



LimeSpot Smart Shopping Ads

Automatic Product Enrichment and Sync

LimeSpot AI automatically extracts Product Attributes and their Target Audience from your Store. This information is used to enrich your Google Product Feed and boost your Shopping Campaigns' ROI.
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LimeSpot Smart Shopping Ads

Product Feed Validation and Fix Tools

Save time and accelerate your Time to Market by validating and fixing your Product Feed issues before publishing to Google.
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LimeSpot Smart Shopping Ads

Sync Audience Segments in Real-time

Keep your LimeSpot Audience Segments in sync with Google Ads and use them as Remarketing Audiences to optimize your targeting.
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LimeSpot Smart Shopping Ads

Manage Google Shopping Campaigns optimized with your Website Data

LimeSpot-managed Campaigns are optimized in real-time to gain the highest ROI based on your live website activities and behavioral data.
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LimeSpot Shopping Ads for Google

Why Use LimeSpot Ads?

LimeSpot Smart Shopping connects your online store with the Google Merchant Center, manages your product feed, uses site data to enrich and evolve your audience targeting.  

Our app also recommends and creates prospect and remarketing campaigns based on customers' behaviors in your store.  

The result for retailers is a quick setup, increased catalog visibility & higher ranking in Google free listings, and a stronger return on ad spend (ROAS). 

Automated product validation, diagnosis and listing fix
Enriched product listings
Product and Audience targeting for Google input
Easy templates for managing campaigns