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Turn more Shoppers into Buyers

Increase conversions by automatically tailoring the shopping experience for each visitor on different channels.

Personalized Recommendations

Elevate Your Customer Experience and Boost Revenue

  • Automated curation with a personalized touch

    Deliver automated 1:1 personalization on multiple channels with full control

  • Continuous crawling for new products and collections

    New products and collections are automatically incorporated in the engine

  • Real-time cross-functional recommendations

    Add cross-functional product recommendations both within categories and multiple websites.


Cloud-based Patented Technology, Built for Scale

  • Flexibility

    Customize your placement, content; and integrate into any marketing platform.

  • Scalability

    Designed to support traffic peak days and seasons.

  • Reliability

    99.5% availability - Under 500 milliseconds load-time

By the Numbers


Revenue boost


Order Size Increase


Conversion Improvement
2019 stats based on 10,000+ store evaluation

Designed to do more

  • Continuous 1:1 personalization

    LimeSpot starts recommending products from the first visit and learns from every interaction to continuously improve itself.

  • Automatic customer segmentation

    Automatically distribute your customer's data into meaningful segments based on their browsing history and purchase patterns.

  • Automatic performance optimizations

    LimeSpot starts learning and working from the first visit and learns from every interaction to continuously improve itself.


Optimized Customer Journey

  • Native visual editor

    Match look and feel of your recommendations with our native visual editor.

  • A/B/n testing and human-assist optimization

    Continuous A/B/n testing to optimize the performance of each page for all customer segments.

  • API Integration with CRM and other data-points

    Enrich your customer data and personalization persistence by incorporating your historical data from CRM and other historical data sources.


Expert Onboarding and Dedicated Support

  • Customer Sucess Manager

    Plus customers are assigned a Customer Success Manager who supports the entire journey: personalized demo, best practices, ROI assessment, and ongoing optimization

  • Visual Integration and Upsell/Cross-sell Setup

    We match your products to enhance sales, ensuring all LimeSpot components are blend in with the theme of your store.

  • Seasonal Configuration Assessments

    Prior to Cyber week, we offer an optional dedicated session to configure your boxes to optimize for holiday shopping consumer behavior

“LimeSpot enabled us to seamlessly integrate 1:1 personalization across seven geographies and significantly improved our conversions. It's a pleasure to work with a team that is so involved with your success and that follows the project continuously, even after the release of it."