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LimeSpot LimeSpot

Turn your shoppers into buyers

Deliver real-time personalization at scale across web, mobile, and email

Free 15-day trial. Tier-based pricing based on your store's monthly revenue.

Not all product recommendations are created equal

Get maximum impact from your online store's real estate. LimeSpot AI understands both your products AND your customers. Our platform combines full catalog data with cross-web consumer buying behaviors to deliver real-time personalized recommendations to each and every customer.

LimeSpot Technology
LimeSpot Mobile Technology

Ranked #1 in Global eCommerce Personalization Technology


Average Revenue boost


Average Order Size Increase


Conversion Improvement
2018 stats based on 10,000+ stores evaluation

Personalized Shopping on a Whole New Level

  • Show customers the right products at the right time

    LimeSpot uses customer intent, demographics and purchasing behavior to optimize recommendations.

  • Personalize every step of the journey

    Personalize from first touch to last -- performance marketing, homepage, product, cart, and post purchase - automatically.

  • Different recommendation types for different needs.

    Use different types of recommendations: including you might like, trending, upsell, cross-sell and others to best meet your goals.


Less Work and More Impact

  • Effective from day 1

    LimeSpot Personalizer uses industry insights and our knowledge of your catalog to create value starting day 1.

  • Supports first-time visitors

    Using cross-merchant insights, the system can personalize even first time visitors

  • Always learning

    Our system learns from every interaction, continuing to hone recommendations for your site.

  • Fully automated

    LimeSpot continuously incorporates catalog updates, products, collections and inventory status.

  • Control where you want it

    Our system allows you to add, remove, weight, prioritize and even manually curate content, giving you as much or as little control as you'd like.


Maximize Value by Personalizing Marketing Emails

  • Personalized email campaigns & newsletters

    Show relevant products to each customer through your marketing emails. Boost clickthrough and drive more sales.

  • 1:1 Content within each campaign

    Send 1:1 content to drive customers back to your site

  • Support all major Email Service Providers

    Seamlessly works with Klaviyo, Omnisend, MailChimp, SendGrid, HubSpot, Bronto, Shopify, and BigCommerce.


Platform Tools to Enrich the Experience

  • Native visual editor

    Match your store's look and feel with our native visual editor.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Measure personalization impact at the page, box, and product level.

  • A/B/n Test and Optimize

    Learn from concurrent A/b/n tests and optimize your performance accordingly.

"Since installing LimeSpot, our sales have skyrocketed and AOV has increased significantly. Adding the recommendation boxes combined with the powerful AI has delivered significant revenue boosts for our brand."


revenue via personalization

Learning at an Accelerated Rate

LimeSpot AI learns on every click, which translates into unparalleled product recommendation accuracy.


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Additional revenue driven by LimeSpot
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2018 stats, based on 10,000+ stores evaluation

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