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eCommerce personalization

LimeSpot Pricing

Advanced personalization and AI recommendations for ecommerce

Global Leader in eCommerce Personalization Technology

Pricing to scale with your business


From $18/mo

Unlimited product recommendations at a flat-rate


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Product Recommendations
Upsell, Cross-sell & Product Bundles
Sliding/Ajax Cart & Checkout
Thank You & Post Purchase Pages
Real-time Analytics


From $15/mo

Flexible performance-based plan with more features


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Everything in the Essentials Plan plus:
Product Analytics
A/B Testing & Optimization
Revenue Dashboard
Integration with Loyalty Apps



Customized premium-level solutions for larger companies


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Everything in Pay As You Grow plus:
Real-time Audience Segmentation
Curated Collections
Image, Text, Email & SMS Personalization
Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Features by Plan

Unlimited product recommendations at a flat-rate based on your revenue
Flexible performance-based plan based on app-driven sales with additional features
Customized solution for your business
Website Personalization
Product Recommendations on all pages
Upsell and Cross-sell on Cart Page
Post Purchase (Thank You page) Upsell
Featured Collections
Email & SMS Messaging Personalization
Email Recommendations
Add On
Add On
SMS Text Recommendations
Add On
Add On
Native Visual Editor
Automatic Setup Customization
Manual Customization available
Carousel & Grid Style Recommendations
Real-time Box Designer
Live Customization Preview
Optimization & Targeting
Upsell and Cross-sell fine-tuning
Number of Products
10,000 Limit
10,000 Limit

*Essentials plan pricing tiers are based on total revenue of store. See Essentials pricing tiers.
**Pay As You Grow pricing is calculated as 2% of total revenue driven by LimeSpot sales, starting at $15/mo.

LimeSpot Personalizer

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the LimeSpot Essentials plan pricing calculated?

The Essentials plan has a flat-rate price based on your store’s monthly revenue. You will select the tier yourself upon activation, however, if your revenue exceeds the selected tier, we will invoice you the difference between your current tier and the next tier for that billing cycle. There are no limit to page views, recommendation views, number of placements or orders.

See Essential Plan tiers

How is LimeSpot Pay as You Grow plan pricing calculated? The Pay as You Grow plan is performance based and calculated as 2% of LimeSpot-driven revenue (the portion of your store revenue driven by LimeSpot recommendations) after the first $750 with a minimum fee of $15/month. There are no limits to page views, recommendation views, number of placements or orders.
Are there any Overage Fees? The Pay as You Grow plan is based on your store performance, so your costs will be calculated each month based on your driven revenue. There are no overage fees for the Essential plan provided you select the correct revenue tier.
Are there any Additional Fees? The Pay as You Grow plan is based on your store performance, so your costs will be calculated each month based on your driven revenue. If you are looking for a predictable flat-rate plan, the Essential plan is based on your store revenue and will remain the same as long as you remain within your revenue tier.
What is LimeSpot-driven revenue? LimeSpot-driven revenue is the portion of your store’s revenue that is driven by LimeSpot recommendations on your website, mobile app, email or other integrated 3rd party apps.
Do you offer an annual flat-fee plan? Yes! Please contact us at to enquire about an annual flat-rate plan based on our Essentials plan features.
Do I get a free trial? Every retailer gets an initial 15-day free trial. As a returning customer, you will receive whatever days are remaining in your trial period.
When will I be charged? You will be sent your first invoice when your 15-day trial period is over. For monthly subscribers, invoicing will be repeated in 30-day billing cycles.
How is revenue calculated for stores with foreign currency transactions? Your monthly revenue will be converted in USD on the day of your invoice based on the USD exchange rate from 15 reliable data sources (ie. banks and financial data providers).
Do I need to pay more for additional features? You will get all features included in the plan you select. Some features are only available on upgraded plans, however, feel free to contact us to see if we offer it as an add on.

LimeSpot Essentials Plan Pricing

LimeSpot's Essentials Plan tiers are billed at a flat rate based on your store's total monthly revenue.

Monthly Store Revenue
You Pay
$8,000 or less
Over $100,000

If your store's total monthly revenue is different from the tier you selected, we will automatically adjust your monthly invoice.

The Pay as You Grow plan offers more features with a performance-based pricing for those who want more options to increase revenue.
Contact us for annual flat-fee pricing.

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