GDPR Requirements

Updated June 2021

Every merchant who is based in Europe or who serves European customers is affected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Therefore you are required to make sure the following items are applied to your online store and you are in full compliance with the regulation if it applies to you. LimeSpot cannot assume any liability for legal or non-legal implications of your failure to do so:

Important Note:

The samples provided below do not constitute formal legal advice and is presented for guidance purposes only.

     1. You must have a GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy covering the users’ data-handling operations by your website, your eCommerce platform and other 3rd party plug-ins/apps.

     2. LimeSpot Privacy Policy should be incorporated into your Privacy Policy.

     A sample statement for this purpose is as follows:

[Your Store Name] uses LimeSpot to analyze and improve your shopping experience on [your site url] and other channels. Our Privacy Policy incorporates LimeSpot’s Privacy Policy, which can be found here [LINK to].

     3.  You need to communicate your website’s use of cookies and other tracking technology to deliver a better experience with a link to your Privacy Policy page.

Users should agree with your privacy policy before using your website, and you should record the IP Address and the time of consent for each shopper for future reference.

Depending on your eCommerce platform, you should be able to find 3rd party plug-ins/apps to manage the consent process for you.

A sample statement for this purpose is as follows:

[Your Store Name] uses cookies to ensure the best experience on our website.

▢ By selecting this option, you agree that you have read and understood our Privacy Policy [LINK].


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