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Idea Guide

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When was the last time you felt really good about an online purchase? Chances are it had something to do with finding the exact product you needed, at the exact time, at a price you liked, with shipping and return policies that worked for you.

It's easy to assume having great products, an attractive storefront, appropriate pricing, and good customer service is all they really need to do to make sales and build legions of loyal shoppers. And while that’s not exactly a short list, it’s actually an incomplete one.

What more and more stores are realizing is they have the flexibility to create an online experience that’s 1:1 tailored for every customer. The more custom the experience, the easier it is for your shoppers to find what they’re looking for, and ideally, even find more than they were looking for.

This means boosting your average order value (AOV) and making your customers feel delighted that their shopping experience netted them a better haul than they could have imagined.

There are a lot of tools out there than can help smooth out the online buyer’s journey. At LimeSpot, we’ve combined many of those tools to create an ultra powerful suite that can be tailored to the unique user experience you want to create.

Where would you like to go first?

Here are just some of the things you can do with LimeSpot:

  • Auto-generate recommendations of products that are often purchased together or looked at by customers who are viewing the same product you are

  • Manually or automatically create product bundles of items that work well together
  • Design a tailored experience across visuals and copy from the moment someone lands on your site based on their familiarity with your brand, geographic location, purchase history, and more
  • Create collections that are sorted or entirely unique to a specific audience segment
  • Run Google Shopping ads more efficiently and with more exposure
  • Send personalized emails to your customer base with unique content or recommendations
With so many possibilities, we get it can be hard to figure out where to start. That’s why we’ve created this handy idea guide, to give you plenty of inspiration for all the ways you can use LimeSpot and level up your personalized shopping experience. We even have short ecommerce how-to tutorial videos covering most of these topics once you decide what to tackle first.

Want to download the entire guide?