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eCommerce Personalization Engine that Understands Both Your Products and Your Customers.

LimeSpot AI

Understanding Products and People

LimeSpot imports and processes product catalog details to extract attributes and assign targeting information to each product. At the same time, shopper’s behavior and historical order details are processed in real-time to enrich the relationships between products and people.
LimeSpot AI

Incorporating Global Insights

The LimeSpot engine uses a variety of different sources, on- and off the website to gather and develop insights of marketing and consumer behaviors.
LimeSpot AI

Predicting and Personalizing

By analyzing the intelligence built around the catalog and shoppers personas, LimeSpot identifies patterns between product attributes, shoppers characteristics and shopping intents. This is used to place the right product in front of the shopper at the right time.
LimeSpot AI

Tracking and Learning

The feedback on how shoppers interacted with the personalized experiences is fed back into the system, creating a continuous improvement cycle.
Our Technology

At a Glance

LimeSpot extracts product attributes automatically, which then will be combined with various shopper profiles and buying behaviors to deliver real-time Personalized Recommendations to each online store visitor.

Intelligent Decision Making
Fully Automated
Granular Segmentation
Real-Time Analytics
How it Works

Robust Catalog Enrichment

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LimeSpot crawls your catalog to identify product attributes, tag demographics, and interests, and assign relationships between your products.

This enables us to provide real-time personalization starting on the first day of installation, even for the first-time-visitors!

Shopper behaviors, on each and every product in the catalog, are then tracked and applied to the AI engine for optimization and enhanced training cycles.

How it Works

Multiple Levels of Control and Influence


Store operators can manually optimize the auto-generated targeting information and influence the AI engine to follow specific seasonal and longer-term business goals and strategies. 

This includes optimizing the way different products and collections are prioritized, defining product bundles or relationships between different products and collections to enhance the AI-driven recommendations based on your unique strategy and goals. 

How it Works

Sophisticated Shopper Profiling


Shopper interactions are combined with the enriched product catalog and global market trends to provide the most valuable asset for the merchants:

A 360 view of your shopper profiles covering demographics, interests, shopping intents, and preferences.

LimeSpot dynamic segmentation empowers you with the ability to analyze each segment of your shoppers separately and target them with smart campaigns and recommendations.


Built-In Multi-Variate Testing and Optimizations

Multi-variate analysis is deeply integrated into the LimeSpot core modules. Every component, from the user experience modules to the underlying personalization algorithms are designed to support multiple simultaneous testing scenarios that feed the AI system.

These scenarios are also exposed through LimeSPot dashboard to give you the ability to experiment, optimize, and gain customer insights.

Beyond Personalization

Global Market Insights

world_view world_view

By processing hundreds of millions of shopper activities against tens of millions of products across thousands of online stores, our AI engine builds a global market dynamic model. 

The insights from the global market model are used as an enhanced source to deliver laser-targeted multi-channel recommendations and personalized experiences.

Global market insights is also available as an analytics dashboard to help stores with a deeper understanding of their product portfolio and target audiences, as well as enabling inventory planning and other strategic decisions.


Open API Platform

Seamless integration with various retail or eCommerce technologies
Unparalleled extensibility for multi-channel custom use-cases 

AI Engine Trained by Numbers

Number of transactions per month
Number of products recommended per month
Number of users per month
2018 stats, based on 10,000+ stores evaluation

Privacy Compliant by Design

At LimeSpot, we take privacy seriously. Our platform is fully GDPR compliant and anonymizes consumer data, so you and your customers can rest easy.